Affiliated to University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

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» Excellent Coaching and Discipline


» Moderate Fee

» Full Tuition Fee Concession for Full A+ Scored Students in +2.

» Full Tuition Fee Concession for BPL very talented Students.

» Half Tuition Fee Concession for Students who scored A grade and above.

» Hostel Facility for Boys and Girls.

» College Bus Available.




 Welcome to Carmel College, Muhamma ! First of all let me thank God Almighty for strengthening me to take up the mammoth challenge of leading Carmel College Muhamma, the latest addition to the K. E. Group of Educational Institutions. Every human endeavor becomes fruitful when it results in noble service bringing in its trail enlightenment of humanity. Education is the noblest service that could be extended to the society. The more it is imparted the more potent it leaves both the donor and the recipient. It is the most magical path through which one could attain knowledge ultimate, power unlimited and happiness serene.     

            This path is magical in the sense every footstep one makes is instantaneously rewarding as it imparts experience and knowledge which in turn leads one to practical wisdom. The right education at the right time leads one to be level headed and less burdened. However knowledge attained or acquired remains as a mere store of information until it gets enhanced through practical application, that too in the most productive way resulting in the welfare of humanity at large. So, I exhort every individual student to stride ahead with confidence, and you will be bestowed with, benevolence and blessings from God Almighty.   

 May, the patron of our institution, St.Chavara Kuriakose Elias, motivate and guide every pulsating heart here towards perfection. May God Almighty bless each one passing through the portals of this institution abundantly that each one gets inspiration to become morally strong, emotionally balanced and steadfast in faith.

  Today’s world is most dynamic, it is the need of the hour to think and act globally. Let us get connected globally through ever evolving technology backed with the spirit of humanity. Today’s educational attainment is multifacetedly productive and it is sure to become an asset for future generations. As the Principal of this institution, I assure you that the CMI management will do its best to ensure a bright future for our students and when the institution is taking its baby steps, we need the prayers and co- operation of the parents, staff members, all our well wishers and above all the blessing of God Almighty to achieve our ultimate goal of serving the society.          

              I sincerely thank Rev. Fr. Varghese Kottoor our Manager, for his constructively critical remarks and suggestions which I consider the pathway for our success and welcome you all to this newly started institution managed by CMI fathers, the pioneers in the field of education and social reforms.        

With Warm Regards     

Dr.Clara Simon